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Boarding kennels in my area

If you're look for a boarding kennel or cattery the chances are the first thing you'll ask is "where can I find a boarding kennels in my area?"

First of all determine how far you are happy to travel to have your dog or cat safely housed during the holidays. You might be able to drop your dog in to a boarding kennels on the way to your holiday destination or the boarding kennel or cattery you are going to may offer pick up and return services for pets. Some boarding kennels will charge for this service and some will offer it free providing you have a minimum stay, it's worthwhile asking.

For a lot of people the distance to drop off their pet is irrelevant as long as the place their dog or cat is staying in is the 'right' place. If you spend you're whole holiday fretting for your pet then it's not much of a holiday, likewise it leaves a sour taste to your holidays if upon collecting your animal from the kennel or cattery that they are not happy or ill.

We suggest booking your pets accommodation well in advance of your time away. This gives you the opportunity to check the place out and select the boarding kennels that meet your expectations than having to make do with whatever is available, this is particularly relevant around peek holiday periods like Christmas and Easter.

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